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Let My People Grow Art Print

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In celebration of Pesach 5782, we are offering limited edition signed prints in thick gloss paper of this beautiful artwork in two sizes, one in near to full-scale at 30 x 30 cm, and a 12 x 12 cm square print. Each make beautiful statement art for the wall and can be framed or presented on a mantel. The judeofuturist message of this artwork is not just relevant for Nisan, but all year round, as it imagines a cooperative and peaceful future through the lens of Shmita Year values. 

Artist Statement 

Since 2020 the phrase 'Let My People Grow' has been blossoming in my mind. When I was commissioned in early 2021 to create an image for Nisan in the Misaviv Calendar, I knew this phrase had found its home. The Exodus story has always been close to my heart, so merging the powerful imagery from that story with the theme of collective growth was this Judeofuturist’s dream come true.

The message at the core of my artwork is that we must not simply seek to survive but thrive, and as a people with a long history of both oppression and perseverance, it's essential we give each other the love, support, acceptance, and community to grow into the best versions of ourselves, both individually and collectively.

This is one of the largest collage artworks I’ve ever created, and easily one of the most complex. Over a foot in diameter and made up of hundreds of unique cuttings, layerings, gold foil, and a handmade glass eye evil cabachon, all of these disparate pieces form a beautiful garden of possibilities. It's my hope that every Jewish person who sees this is inspired to imagine the future of their dreams, and do their part in the present to make our thriving future ahead a reality.