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About Art Lush

ArtLush is a sustainable Judeofuturist vision offering one of a kind wearable art, home decor, and Judaica art and jewellery made from salvaged and recycled materials. 

ArtLush is the only sustainable jewellery and Judaica shop in the UK working with vintage materials sourced from all over the world. Our wearable art is made with recycled gold, silver, and other repurposed metals, gemstones, and natural materials to create truly one of a kind statement jewellery. 

At the foundation of many handmade creations lie the ancient practice of Jewish paper-cutting, as mixed media collages formed with vintage and recycled materials comprise the base of most creations. All artwork is handcrafted using salvaged and recycled materials, and a variety of restoration techniques are used to bring new life to once-broken, discarded, and vintage materials. Every material used is carefully sourced, and all items are sustaintably packaged in recyclable or reused materials, to provide both functional and beautiful packaging. 

Sustainability is at the heart of every ArtLush creation. From the sourcing of our salvaged, antique, and discarded materials to the environmentally conscious and generationally tested techniques and processes used to restore them, every ArtLush creation prides itself on being a work of artistic alchemy; turning discarded items into cherished works of art.


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