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Industrial Ayin Hamsa Rings

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Inspired by our Industrial Ayin Magen Davids, the striking Industrial Ayin Hamsa rings created with salvaged metals, crystal, and glass are the ultimate Judeofuturist hand adornments! 

Select a statement ring or pair different styles from the collection to create a unique handful of adornments. Large rings can be worn alone as statement jewelry, and paired with small rings which can be adjusted to be worn as stacking rings higher on the finger. Regardless of what you choose, each ring makes a beautiful statement on its own and are sized to be eye catching whichever way you wear them! 

Large Hamsa Pendant - 3.3 cm long x 2.5 cm wide

Small Hamsa Pendant - 2.5 cm long x 2 cm wide 

All rings are presented on Silver plated (nickel free) adjustable ring bands 

All pieces are handmade from salvaged and recycled materials and may therefore contain small flaws & idiosyncrasies. 

As each piece is unique we do not accept returns

Care Instructions
These rings are first and foremost wearable art and should not be worn during heavy activities or sports. Adorn yourself after you've dressed to avoid pulling them through clothing. To clean your ring, gently wipe with a soft dry cloth. If staining to the acrylic occurs, wipe very gently with windex or a damp cloth. Do not introduce moisture to the metallic aspects of the ring