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Fringes of Saturn Hamsa

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Introducing the protective equivalent of your very own rhinestone space cowboy. Created in honour of the Great Conjunction 2020, the beautiful Fringes of Saturn Hamsa represents Saturn's gorgeous vibrancy via ultraviolet photography, which comprise the paper base for this delicate and intricately crafted hamsa. Hand-woven fringe accents the gorgeous colours of the hamsa base, with crystal finishes to add extra cosmological glamour. 

6 x 7"


Hamsas are made from light-sensitive and delicate materials. While some smaller pieces can be displayed on a shelf or mantel, they are best displayed hung in a frame out of direct sunlight in order to preserve their beauty for generations. 

All pieces are handmade from salvaged and recycled materials and may therefore contain small flaws & idiosyncrasies. 

As each piece is unique we do not accept returns