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Abundance Gold Pomegranate Seed Cascade Belt, Handbag Chain and more!

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Introducing our most versatile Abundance Pomegranate design yet! Wear the beautiful Abundance Pomegranate Cascade as an adjustable belly chain, belt loop chain, belt, or a stunning one of a kind strap for your handbag! Free custom chain lengths available featuring a special batch of extra durable pom seeds made from recycled synthetics so you can feel free to dance, move, and play as hard as you like while your wearable art remains indestructable like your spirit. 

1.5 cm pom seeds 
110 cm chain 

18k Gold plated stainless steel 

All pieces are handmade from salvaged and recycled materials and may therefore contain small flaws & idiosyncrasies. 

As each piece is unique we do not accept returns.