Long Stem Stroll Through the Garden Beaded Statement Earrings (Made to Order)

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These hand-crafted, beaded floral beauties make a statement at any length, and can be customised according to your preference. 

The pictured pair was custom designed so that the flowers juuust hit the shoulder for a full length glam look. Order yours to be as short or long as you wish, and choose from a variety of bead and floral nazar colour options!

2" in diameter, 4" maximum length (customisable) 

24k gold plated

When checking out, specify the stem length for the earring. The earring pictured has a 1.5" stem length 

All pieces are handmade from salvaged and recycled materials and may therefore contain small flaws & idiosyncrasies. 

As each piece is unique we do not accept returns.